truly a work of art

I feel like Fabo.
How I feel right now…

Sad is a understatement. Praying for the Best.

I pray to god that he helps you out this terrible situation. You were always there for me and it’s sad I can’t really do anything besides pray and hope and answer your calls. You were there anytime I needed anything. Now your gone and it’s because our system isn’t shit. Look at George Zimmerman out in the free after shooting treyvon, or that mother who killed her own daughter and got away with it. I know you shot open fire at USC but nobody got hurt luckily yet they have you in jail for 40 to life. WHAT THE FUCK IS LIFE WHEN SOCIETY AND THE GOVERNMENT  IS FUCKING AWFUL. God got you bro. Stay Strong. I love you. Kim bleep forever
He don’t deserve 40 years… Bless him.
Honestly Heartbroken to see one of my closest friends getting sentenced 40 to LIFE. You’re in my Prayers Brandon I love you endlessly.